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How crowd-intelligence can help your business

How can crowd-intelligence can help your business?

Crowd-intelligence enables businesses to access to qualified-networks of individuals who can provide on-the-ground, actionable insights that go beyond alternative data channels. By utilising surveys, interviews recorded conversations, imagery and video - decision-makers in every industry can make business-critical decisions with the most up-to-date information available.

How is crowd-intelligence different from alternative data?

Alternative data refers to non-conventional data channels, like surveys, satellite imagery, social media, website crawling, ship movements, foot traffic and the Internet-of-Things. Although crowd-intelligence is technically part of the alternative data umbrella, crowd-intelligence is entirely focussed on physical people completing real-world actions. 

These actions could be taking a photo, completing a bespoke survey, video and audio recording, interviewing somebody, visiting a premises, and even purchasing something. This on-the-ground approach reveals real-life insights that traditional alternative data channels simply cannot match.

How can businesses utilise crowd-intelligence?

1. Speed:
Advanced targeting means the right people are reached at the right time, meaning answers to the biggest questions are found quickly, regardless of location

2. Global reach: It is estimated that 4bio individuals are connected to the internet globally inherently giving access to an immense cross border pool of talents. In a world where context is everything, our tool reaches out to the right person at the right place and at the right time. This provides access not only to high quality data, but with the cultural context required to interpret the information. 

3. Agility & Transparence: Thanks to our technology and very robust compliance framework, tapping into crowdsourced intelligence enables to obtain and compare multiple vetted sources of information in no time.

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