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Alternative Data empowered by Geolocated Surveys

When Alternative Data meets crowd-intelligence.

Instantly connect with knowledgeable cohorts of individuals anywhere in the world. Obtain unique insight for sound financial decision making and due diligence processes.

Trusted by our partners

100,000+ contributors from 87 countries. We call this People Powered Data

Gain a competitive edge with hyper-personalised targeting on specific cohorts of individuals. Find the best people to provide unmatched levels of insight and research, regardless of geography. Assignments are very varied and include professional/expert surveys, data scouting, voice and video recording, pictures and consumer surveys.

Data-driven actionable reports in 48 hours.

We understand speed is essential. The GD Network provide responses to our geo-located surveys instantly. Our team of in-house data professionals then transform this data into actionable reports for your organisation in under 2 days.

A robust compliance frame- work for an ever-changing data driven world.

We designed our platform around G.D.P.R. to ensure the latest in data compliance. From our contributors to our very own team members, everyone is subject to intense background & validation processes to ensure the highest compliance - regardless of industry.

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