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How It Works

Our tool targets any group of individuals at any time globally

Private Equity, Hedge funds, Management Consultants and Corporates use GrapeData for due diligence, investment decisions, and asset management purposes. Create your surveys and combine questionnaire with pictures, videos, data scouting and audio recording on vetted cohort of individuals.

Our Approach

We are a DAAS (Data-as-a-Service) provider, passionate about providing our clients a competitive edge. This is how we do it.  

Brief our team on what you would like to achieve, your goals, and how many people you would like to reach out.

Within two hours we will revert with a     framework and guidelines. Once your query is live, respondents are vetted and data is cleansed by Grapedata.

Use our APIs and SFTP to plug your platforms (Tableau, Python, Excel etc…) on to our system and monitor cleansed answers live.

Follow-up individuals from our network to dig deeper and expand your reach.

It doesn't have to end. After we talk you through your data, why not keep the research up and reach-out to key individuals who may have more to say.

Comply with the latest in data-regulation.

Our platform and process complies with the latest in data-regulation and standards. From our community members to our in-house experts - everybody is regularly briefed on information storage, gathering and so much more.

Combine industry leading technology with brilliant people to reap the rewards of People Powered Data.

A combination of A.I. and hyper-personalised targeting enables us to create tailored lists of individuals for us to reach out too. This guarantees a high-level of relevance and ensures that the data we provide is the best.

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