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Expert insights turned into rewards

Get actionable insights for your data needs from our global network of vetted survey respondents

48 hour Payout incentives on tasks allow for faster results

Our app now has 48 hour payouts on special tasks, incentivising survey respondents to participate quickly. This means you have the option to get faster turnarounds for your data needs.

Enhanced contributor profiles for precision-matching of tasks

Our survey respondents receive personalised surveys using our cutting edge AI and ML technology. This translates into high-quality responses based on their past knowledge or peer experiences.

Meet contributors already benefiting with us

Hear from some of our verified survey respondents who share their expertise with our clients


Sales Executive


Logistic Engineer

Herve Keutcha

Bilingual Freelancer


I've been working with GrapeData for two years. GrapeData gives me a lot of work to do despite the lockdown period during the pandemic. It has been a great journey with GrapeData. Thank you so much!

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Meeting with GrapeData was a great opportunity for me as a student / freelancer. It's a good place where flexibility at work means a lot. Being at the frontline of data collection allows us to learn and grow financially.

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Working with GrapeData has been an outstanding experience. I enjoy working with GrapeData because of the confidence achieved through clear communication, stability through commitment and remuneration is competitive and prompt.

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Rewards available for referring friends or colleagues

We encourage our network of knowledgeable survey respondents to grow as much as possible to provide comprehensive coverage of different profiles and locations.

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