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About Us

We thrive on people powered data

We started GrapeData with a vision to bridge the information gap between niche sectors and on-the-ground individuals.

We bring together the right people with the right data to create insights that work.

We love what we do. Combining our mutual passion for data, research, technology and people, we saw huge opportunities to find higher quality research about the topics that matter to you most. Our research and analysis capabilities ensure that our clients are thoroughly aware of the opportunities available to them in a particular sector.

We value the important things

Delivering Results

We earn the trust of our team and clients through a culture of reliability and results.

Data driven

We optimise continuously and think creatively. Decisions are based on data and we push the status-quo.


A great team starts with shared goals and understanding. We are always listening and supportive.

We have a dedicated team working with you 24/7

GrapeData is managed by partners who have first hand experience in data gathering and analysis. Our core team is diverse and international, ensuring we leverage our expertise to provide innovation to some of the largest enterprises in the world.

What our clients say


GrapeData did a great job at organising respondent data to make it clean and consistent, we were able to exceed our client’s expectations.

Closing Quote

GrapeData was the only provider in Italy able to put together a panel of 400 respondents with the challenging demographics & characteristics we had requested, reaching 8k respondents a single week.

Closing Quote

We were very impressed by the depth, quality and speed of data delivery.

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