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5 Reasons expert calls are being used in B2B market research

A post on five reasons why expert calls are useful in market research

Sep 28, 2022
B2B market research

What are expert calls?

Expert calls are becoming more common in B2B market research, and for good reason. These calls save time and money, provide a more in-depth understanding of the issues that matter most to your business, and can help you ask the right questions to the right people. Typically, expert calls are part of the process of B2B market research. A b2c survey or a b2b survey are also some other elements of market research. 

5 reasons why expert calls are used in B2B market research 

Expert calls are used in market research for several reasons. Typically, the private equity industry is a major user of expert calls. The PE industry is characterized by buying companies and managing them before they sell out. The FT recently wrote an article on how the private equity industry has faced transparency problems and continues to do so. Industry leaders in PE believe that a downturn is its own way. Read more about what’s happening in Private Equity here

In an investment decision in PE, expert calls play a vital role. In fact, we recently published an article examining expert calls in private equity. Check it out for more information! Although PE is a major stakeholder in expert calls, it’s just one of the industries. Let’s have a look at five reasons why expert calls are so popular in market research:

1. Poor response rates

One of the most common problems that B2B researchers face is poor response rates. The average response for a B2B survey is typically low. This is because the nature of B2B projects tends to be complex and time-consuming. Additionally, B2B respondents will not have a lot of time on their hands to answer surveys. Whereas, expert calls are different in the sense that they can get higher response rates. Once an expert is sourced, calls typically range from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

So why do some companies prefer calls? The reason for this is simple: people are more willing to talk about their experiences than they are willing to complete a written questionnaire or fill out a b2b survey. In fact, many respondents prefer expert calls because they don’t feel like they’re being asked several questions in a b2b survey. Thus, the problem of poor response rates can be tackled through calls.

2. The need for a more in-depth understanding through expert calls

Experts can help you understand how your customers are thinking, what they want and how they feel about your product or service. In order to gain a more in-depth understanding of the needs of your target audience, you can ask an expert to talk with you about their experience with the industry. For example:

  • What do they think is important when buying a type of product or service?
  • Why do they think that way? What’s their rationale behind their opinion?

Calls are the quickest and easiest way to gain genuine knowledgeable insights into a specific industry. Experts can be recruited individually or matched with an organisation through an expert network. Additionally, companies can arrange calls between the two parties from anywhere in the world. Experts typically have knowledge that’s built in over the years. The knowledge that took years to build can be shared within minutes through a phone call!

3. Time savings in expert calls

One of the most important reasons why expert calls are being used in B2B market research is time savings. Using expert call interviews can often be completed faster than traditional research methods and in as little as 15 minutes. This is especially true if you have an interview list of 15-20 experts, where each expert will complete the b2b survey within one week.

Expert calls provide a lot of flexibility and speed. Just with a phone call, information can be gathered quickly. On the other hand, surveys can take time to complete due to their complex nature. That’s why if time is a priority, expert calls are useful.

4. Opportunity to ask the right questions to the right people

One of the most important things to keep in mind when conducting a study is that you're not just asking questions to people, but also identifying and contacting them. There are several ways to do this. You can set up an online survey using a third-party tool or platform such as Qualtrics, or even just send out an email using something like MailChimp. These methods are all effective at reaching large numbers of people quickly—but they have their limitations.

One way around this is by using expert calls: they provide access to highly qualified individuals who provide high-quality answers and insights into your topic because they've already had experience with it. Let’s say that you are considering a new product launch. They'll also be able to give you feedback on how well your products fit into the market for which you're trying to sell them, so you know where improvements need making before launch day rolls around!

5. Save money through expert calls

Expert calls can save you money in two ways. First, the cost of expert calls is much lower than other forms of research. The time needed to set up an expert call is also much less than in-person or phone interviews, so you'll spend less time out of the office setting up your interview and more time actually conducting it.

Second, by using pre-recorded videos rather than live conversations with experts, you are able to get higher-quality data at a lower cost. That's because recorded interviews allow you to ask follow-up questions without having to wait for an answer; they also make it possible for your interviewers (or yourself) to review transcripts beforehand and tailor questions based on what they've learned in advance.

Why are expert calls so popular?

Calls are popular today for a number of reasons. Flexibility, speed, and ease of these calls are some of the reasons. These expert call benefits can also be used to build a more effective market research program. Expert calls are the most effective approach to many types of B2B research projects because they allow you to:

  • Quickly and easily gain unbiased information about your target audience and how they perceive your company
  • Learn how to communicate with them more effectively, whether through copywriting, sales training, or advertising
  • Get insights into how best to develop new products and services that meet their needs


In conclusion, we’ve covered five reasons why expert calls are being used in B2B market research. They are a more successful approach to market research because they allow researchers to talk directly with people who have experience with their specific product or service. This can be helpful for companies that want a more in-depth understanding of their customer's needs and help in the decision-making process.

At GrapeData, we conduct follow-up calls which produce even better results than expert calls. A follow-up call allows us to get in-depth information about the research project. Our methodology includes using intelligent technologies for your research project. With a combination of AI and Geolocation, we ensure to get high-quality data. Quality is of the utmost importance to us, so we make sure to work with you throughout the project. If you want to learn more about us, drop us an email at sales@grape-data.com.