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6 Benefits of joining a global expert network to share expert insights

In this post, we describe the 6 benefits of joining a global expert network to share expert insights

Jun 12, 2022
B2B market research

What are global expert networks?

Have you ever been stuck while researching a complex subject? Or have you ever wanted to know about a niche topic? This is where a global expert network comes into play.

According to this website, expert networks are businesses that connect companies with industry experts, or so-called subject-matter experts, to provide useful information and data points to help validate hypotheses or business challenges. Expert networks deliver their services to private equity, management consultants, institutional investors and corporate clients by finding experts and facilitating the information exchange between the expert and the client.

This source states that the value of the global expert network market was between $1.3 billion and $1.5 billion. So why not join this lucrative industry?

How do global expert networks work?

The process of matching a company with an expert network is pretty straightforward. First, the organization identifies that they are in need of a global expert network. That is because either they can increase their success rate or because they want to achieve a competitive advantage. Then, they submit a list of requirements to an agency that matches them with the global expert network. These requirements could be things like their job title or number of years of experience. Finally, the agency matches the firm with their preferred global expert network.

Why join a global expert network?

There are multiple benefits of why you should join a global expert network. However, we have highlighted below the 6 most important ones:

1. Spread the word about what you love

Usually, experts are passionate individuals willing to spread the knowledge and educate others about what they specialize in. Joining a global expert network gives them the chance to do exactly that. By joining the global expert network, they get access to like minded individuals to have discussions and grow their knowledge in their respective field.

2. Learning Opportunities

Global expert network is a community of individuals specializing in a certain subject matter. By joining one, you can get a chance to learn more about the topic that you are already passionate about. By exchanging knowledge, you can have intellectually stimulating conversations with individuals from all over the world. 

3. Get paid to do what you love

A global expert network is a great chance to earn money by doing what you love. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? In addition to getting paid, you get to work flexibility. You can schedule calls to share your expert insights according to your time convenience. You can also get to work remotely from anywhere in the world. 

4. Follow industry trends

By joining a global expert network, you not only share your own expert insights but you get to follow industry trends and current news closely. Some experts offer consultancy services, but others utilize services offered by members of a global expert network and become clients also.

5. A win-win

A global expert network offers a win-win situation for everyone involved. Experts get remuneration and access to more knowledge by sharing their own expert insights. They get flexible work from anywhere in the world according to their convenience. They also have the freedom to set their own consultation rates. A global expert allows for individuals to do something lucrative in their free time when perhaps they are retired or working part-time. 

Additionally, it doesn't even have to be a full time job and it can be a side hustle. In today’s $437 billion valued gig economy, more and more people are seeing the worth of a ‘side-hustle’. On the other hand, SMEs and startups get access to the expert insights that they need without the heavy price-tag of a consultant. In turn, this process contributes to the knowledge sharing economy and enriches the process for all. 

6. Access to clients

Without being a part of a global expert network, it can be hard to find clients working on your own. A global expert network opens that door for you. Additionally, it is estimated that the global expert network industry will not stop growing anytime soon. According to this source, “The annual growth rate of expert networks across the world is estimated to be at 20% and the real selling point is that the expert network model is a young one with room to grow and learn, having only come onto the scene in the last 20 years.”

Now that we have talked about in depth the various benefits of joining a global expert network, we’ll go into how to become a member of such a network.

How to join a global expert network 

According to this website, the best way to join a global expert network to share your expert insights is through LinkedIn, The Ladders and Monster. The Ladders and Monster are job portals for white collar professionals and blue collared professionals respectively. So, you should make sure that your CV on all of these platforms is up to date and that you have a description of your domain expertise. 

Where is the global expert network market headed? 

According to Forbes, two key trends emerge in the future for the global expert network market.

  1. First, stricter privacy laws (for instance, the EU GDPR and the California CPA) may have an impact on how networks can store and share experts’ data.
  2. Second, according to InexOne, “the ease of finding experts attracts new startups to the market. This risks creating fatigue both among experts (receiving too many identical requests) and among clients (receiving too many similar sales pitches).”

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