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Case studies
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Real estate managers pick the right software

Real estate managers looking to predict the market get actionable insights through GrapeData

Aug 3, 2022
B2B market research
Real Estate

The Problem Statement

The UK housing market landscape is changing. Real estate experts recently predicted that property prices rose 12.8% annually in May, in the middle of a housing shortage. In this time of uncertainty, real estate decision makers were considering using a software. The aim of this software was to track the market trends, sales and form predictive models. Using the real estate software they would be able to reduce some of this uncertainty. However, with so many software vendors on the market, it can be confusing to choose the right one. They partnered with us to conduct calls with industry experts. These industry experts would not only give a 360 degree view of the UK market. Real estate industry experts would also advise them on the best software to choose.

Our Approach

We handpicked UK based real estate experts in a matter of 4 days. Not only did we arrange one on one consultations with the experts, we also surveyed users of real estate software. Using a two forked approach, we provided complete and accurate data to our client. Using LinkedIn profiles and our own network, we screened leading real estate experts. Additionally, we used intelligent technology to enhance the calling experience for our client.


Our client was able to get actionable data insights through our industry experts. They felt more confident about buyer sentiment, trends and sale projections in the UK market. Also, they went ahead with a software choice that reduced their operating costs by 5% annually. 

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