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Case studies
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Case Study on Digital Twins in Healthcare

GrapeData helped eliminate some of the ambiguity regarding digital twins in healthcare for a research institution

Jun 6, 2022
B2C market research

The Problem Statement 

According to a research,  it is expected that healthcare professionals expect a 66% increase in investment in digital twins in healthcare over the next three years. This is because digital twins have numerous applications in healthcare including personalised diagnosis of diseases, advanced treatment planning and speedy time to market for pharmaceutical drugs. 

Our Approach

A prominent health research institution approached us with the aim of finding more insights on how much knowledge healthcare professionals have about digital twins being used in healthcare. The aim behind this was to estimate future training costs that they would incur if they undertook training of healthcare professionals. We surveyed 500 respondents across Europe over a span of a week. We thought it best to approach this with a half an hour phone interview, with nurses, practitioners, paramedics and doctors working in the industry. 


With the help of the qualitative data that we gathered, our client was able to get an inside look into the level of knowledge that healthcare workers have about digital twins. With these insights they were able to make budgets for costs incurred on training and carry out feasibility checks for the training program.

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