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Case studies
1 min

Case Study on university students

With rising unemployment in UK graduates, GrapeData compiled data for a client to improve their career support services

Jun 10, 2022
B2C market research

The Problem Statement 

The UK has become a very attractive destination in recent years for higher studies, especially for international students. However, statistics according to this source show that 12% of students who graduated in recent years (2019 onwards) are still unemployed.

Our Approach

So, when a prominent educational institution in the UK approached us to try to find insights into sentiments on graduate employment, we decided to dive all in. For this study, our focus group was students who graduated with a business degree from 2019 onwards and even those who were in their final year of study. We surveyed 450 respondents across universities from the UK completed in just seven days. 


Our quick results enabled the client to enhance the delivery of their career support services to their students. With the help of insights we gathered, our client was able to improve student support services, deliver better and more useful guidance on career paths to graduates and capture student feedback on areas of improvement in the career sphere. They are now in a position to improve their employment rates for all business courses. 

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