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Case studies
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Case study on metaverse based growth strategy for a retail giant in the US

How GrapeData helped shape a metaverse based growth strategy for a retail giant in the U.S.

Jun 23, 2022
B2B market research

The Problem

No one really knows what the metaverse is because a full and detailed explanation hasn’t been developed. However, we do know that it is an immersive 3-D virtual world. We already see brands like Gucci experimenting with NFTs, while others like Burberry are concentrating on developing immersive fashion experiences through the metaverse. Deloitte also backs up the claim that metaverse is going to be hugely transformational for the retail industry. Wanting to capitalise on this emerging technology, a retail U.S. based company approached us with the request to find metaverse experts.

Our Approach

GrapeData recruited 12 experts with extensive knowledge on all things metaverse within 4 days, through the contributors on our platform and business contacts. We were able to introduce individuals to the client who had knowledge on both the tech and business side of the technology. From our curated list of experts, the client chose to speak to two of them and so we arranged one-to-one phone interviews. 


Ultimately, the client discovered important insights to make a more confident and informed decision about investing into this technology. They were able to gain deep knowledge on technical aspects of the metaverse through the experts. With the existing business knowledge that they already had, they were able to complement this with technical data to obtain a holistic view of how they could use metaverse to enhance user experience.

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