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Case studies
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ESG investing strategy

How GrapeData shaped a PE firm’s ESG investment strategy

Navya Lamba
Mar 6, 2023
B2B market research

Determining ESG concerns and investment opportunities

The ESG trio is defined as Environmental, Social and Governance factors and these are a set of non-financial factors to consider while investing. Traditionally, these three factors are not included in a financial report. However, nowadays companies are incorporating them into a standalone sustainability report or as part of disclosures. Authorities such as the ​​Sustainability Accounting Standards Board are working to define exactly how to include these in the reporting process. 

Why is ESG investing on the rise? It goes back to a fundamental notion of social responsibility. If businesses are taking society’s resources to produce their outputs, it’s their duty to give back to the society. So, a leading private equity firm wanted to align their portfolio with ECG investments. They needed to tap into PE experts to know what some concerns are when it comes to ECG and what is the best strategy. However, they knew that finding these experts would not be easy.

Custom Recruiting PE experts and decision makers

Our strategy, as a B2B panel provider, consisted of custom recruiting PE experts and decision makers across 10 geographies. These experts were handpicked by our dedicated team of professionals. Factors such as seniority, job title and position were included. Moreover, the no. of research publications was taken into account while recruiting. As a B2B panel provider, our goal was to provide a sufficient number of qualified individuals. We also vetted their identity using geolocation and meta data. Using their consultations with our PE client, we gathered a report with strategy recommendations.

PE giant diversified portfolio with ESG based investing

The expert interviews shaped the path for the PE client’s ECG strategy. It enabled them to confirm the value addition of ESG compliant investments. Thereafter, they chose to hire us as a B2B panel provider again for follow up calls with experts. With this two pronged approach, our PE client gained valuable understanding of compliance aspects of ESG investing. Additionally, they understood what top ESG concerns are and how to deal with them. 

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