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How to start a TMT market research project in 6 easy steps

Learn how to start a TMT market research project in 6 simple steps

Jan 23, 2023
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If you want to start a TMT market research project, all you need are these six steps. The first thing you need to do is to define the project scope of your TMT market research.

Next up, collect data about the target market, competitors, and other data points relevant to your project.

Then, define your research questions so that they can be answered by the data from step two above. You should also write out your hypothesis before conducting any research. This will help keep the focus of your work on what matters most. Design a survey as per the requirements of TMT market research, and create an incentive for respondents to take it seriously and complete it honestly with as few distractions as possible. Also make sure it's easy for them to complete on their smartphone or computer, i.e. make sure the survey is compatible with both laptops and mobile phones.

What's happening in the TMT industry now?

Before we get into the steps to complete TMT market research, let's have a look at what's going on in the TMT industry now and certain predictions for 2023. Looking at the big picture for this industry, experts predict several things to happen this year. For one, the demand for AR and VR heads is expected to grow in the next five years, with their potential to gain entry to the metaverse. Two, fintech is expected to transition from a vertical to a horizontal offering, as products increasingly become embedded in the day-to-day lives of end consumers. Three, telecoms are likely to focus 5g on fixed wireless broadband services in 2023. This year, Netflix and Disney are likely to remain the top players in on-demand video streaming services, although consumers are expected to cut back on subscriptions due to rising inflation and cost of living.

Having explored some TMT industry insights, let us now jump into the six steps to conduct a TMT market research project.

Step 1: Understand your requirements

Before you begin your TMT market research project, it’s important to understand the problem you are trying to solve. This will help you define your goals and make sure that they’re achievable.

When planning a market research initiative, it is crucial to clearly define all of the steps that go into achieving success with that initiative. To do this, ask yourself: what do I want? Why do I want it? How will I know when I've achieved my goal? These questions will help you stay focused on what needs to be done in order for any given project to succeed at its stated purpose. Additionally, it'll help you determine how far away from success you currently stand. Through this process, you can also plan out the project's milestones and deadlines for completion.

When you’re working on a large project, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture. That’s why it's important to regularly check in on how your progress compares to your goals. This will help you make adjustments as needed. It'll also help you stay on track so that you don't have any surprises come deadline time.

Step 2: Get general information about the topic

TMT market research is a complex topic. It can be difficult for some people to grasp, especially if they’re new to the field. 4 challenges to conducting TMT market research can be found here.

You need to understand what TMT market research is, how it works and why it matters. The first step in understanding this field is learning about its history and current trends within the industry.

An important starting point for any TMT market research project is also knowing what your client wants from their study. This is so that you can focus on providing them with actionable insights when you’re done with your report or presentation.

The TMT market research industry is highly competitive. So, it's important to understand the basics of this field before you start your first project. You need to know what a TMT study entails, how it differs from other types of market research studies, and who can benefit from using a TMT provider. Make sure to obtain all this information before starting a TMT market research project.

Step 3: Define your target group and conduct a target group analysis for TMT market research

A market research project on the TMT market requires you to define a specific target group of people who may be interested in participating in your survey. This step is critical because it will help you determine what questions to ask and how to ask them. In addition, it will help you determine which tools and resources need to be used for the survey.

The first step is to identify who your target group is by answering these questions:

  • Who are they?
  • What do they like?
  • What don't they like?
  • Where do they live?
  • How old are they?
  • How much money do they make per month (or year)?
  • What languages can they speak fluently?

Once you have an idea of who your target audience might be based on answers to these questions above, then you can take an even closer look at them. You can do this by asking yourself "who would most likely respond favourably" or "who should not be included in my sample population."

Once we have our target group defined, then it's time to conduct a target group analysis. This analysis involves three steps:

1) Developing an understanding of the market by gathering information about potential customers' demographics, psychographics, and behaviours.

2) Creating profiles of target groups based on their similarities and differences.

3) Understanding how these profiles influence consumer decision-making.

Step 4: Develop a concept and questionnaire

Developing a concept and questionnaire is a crucial step that may require significant time and effort to complete. Before you begin, make sure your project has been well-defined by writing down its objectives or goals. You should also consider the client's interests, as this will help you to develop the right questions for them.

Once you're ready to start developing your questionnaire, make sure that it has been thoroughly tested. This is so that it doesn't lead participants down paths they don't want to go on or leave out any vital information. There are many strategies for testing surveys, but one of the easiest ways is simply asking someone else for their feedback on how easy or difficult the survey felt during completion.

Once you have your survey ready, you will need to distribute it to participants. There are many ways to do this and the method you choose will depend on your project's goals and budget. One option is conducting online surveys using Google Forms; another using a survey provider who will conduct the TMT market research.

Step 5: Conduct TMT market research with the methods below

Market research can be conducted in several ways, depending on what information you're looking for.

You may decide to conduct your own market research, but this can be time-consuming and expensive. It also requires a great deal of knowledge about your industry, which isn't always available.

A simpler alternative is to use a panel provider, a company that collects data from panel members and provides it to other companies who need it. Panel providers are typically in the business of collecting consumer data and analysing it, so they are well-suited for this type of work.

There are many panel providers out there; choosing the right one depends on your needs. It's important to know what kind of information you want before selecting a provider; if you know exactly what kind of data would be useful for your business, it will make finding the right provider much easier.

Panels allow companies to collect information using online surveys and tests for specific groups of people such as teenagers, men aged 18-25 years old who own smartphones, and so on. This type of panel allows them to access some very detailed data about their customer's preferences and habits, which makes it easier for them to tailor their marketing strategies.

Step 6: Report the results

Once the research is complete, it's time to analyse your findings and report them in a clear, concise, and convincing way. This will enable you to answer questions about market size, and product adoption rates. In addition, it'll give you an idea of the ability of competitors to enter the market.

One way of presenting your results is by using graphs or tables that let you see where there are discrepancies between different groups of people or timescales. You should also be aware of any limitations in your research so that you can address these when presenting it to clients or colleagues.

Finally, it's important to present recommendations for further investigation into potential problems in your TMT market research (for example if there aren't enough data points available for comparison). Additionally, it's important to find recommendations on how you could best take advantage of what you've learned from your research (for example if there are new ways that a certain technology could be used).

For example, if you've found that there is a growing demand for a certain product in the TMT market segment and that your client has a good chance of entering it successfully, you might recommend that they begin researching potential suppliers. You could also advise them on how to design their products so as to maximise their appeal to consumers.

If you want to conduct TMT industry insights, you need to start with those basics

If you want to conduct TMT industry insights, you need to start with those basics. First and foremost, you should get a general understanding of the topic itself. You can do that by doing some research on your own. Or you could read through an expert's opinion on the subject matter (e.g., industry reports).

Next, it's important to define your target group and conduct a target group analysis. This step helps determine who your end consumer is and how they currently behave in relation to this product or service category.

Once you've done enough preliminary work upfront so that your questionnaires will effectively measure what matters most when trying to understand customer needs then you're ready to start developing some questions!


When you're trying to build a new product or service, it's important to know what your customers want. That's why market research is so important. It can help you understand your customers, their habits, and their needs in order to create the best possible product for them.

There are many ways to conduct TMT market research. The most common methods include surveys, interviews, focus groups, and observation. Each of these methods has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, surveys allow you to reach many people at once. However, they may not be as useful for qualitative data collection as interviews or focus groups. Observation provides qualitative data but may not be as reliable as other methods. This is because it can be difficult to control all variables in real-world settings.

TMT market research is a key part of the industry. It can be used to determine what products should be made, how much to charge for them, and even which advertising campaigns are most effective.

Once you have completed all the steps, you should have a solid foundation for your project. However, do not be discouraged if there are still some gaps in your knowledge. This is normal and expected in any research project. If you feel like you need to fill some gaps before moving forward with the next step, then that’s perfectly fine! Just keep collecting information until everything feels like it makes sense together again. If you'd like additional help conducting a TMT market research project, we've got just the right post for you. Check out 4 challenges to conducting TMT market research.

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