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Case studies
1 min

Instant messaging platform

How GrapeData helped drive users to an instant messaging platform

Jul 14, 2022
B2C market research

The Problem Statement

An instant messaging platform was struggling with ways to drive users to their platform. But with approximately 2.44 billion users worldwide (according to Statista), we are well aware that WhatsApp is the leader in this space. This begs the question: How to compete with a platform that almost 1/4th of the world’s population uses? They would need an effective marketing strategy that incentivises people on why they should choose their platform. 

Our Approach

Within a week, we designed a 20 minute qualitative survey for users of our client's messaging platform. As the best survey provider,  our goal was to provide actionable insights within the shortest possible time. The survey focused on questions such as why users choose to use our client over other platforms. It also considered what value is being offered to customers through the platform. Using geolocation checks, our verification process ensured that the data is free of fraud. Being the best survey provider enables us to create an action line to the platform’s top users. 

The Results

Through our qualitative insights, the client was able to get fraud free, directly sourced data from their users. With this, they were able to shape their value proposition in order to differentiate themselves from competitors. Moving forward, they designed a marketing strategy that drove the maximum number of people to their platform. Using the best survey provider: GrapeData, they were able to increase their revenues by 10% annually.

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