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Private care hospitals in Florida

How GrapeData helped collect sentiment on private care hospitals in Florida

Jul 21, 2022
B2B market research

The Problem Statement

Florida’s healthcare system has faced many challenges since the beginning. They spend about half the national spend on public health in the US. The private healthcare systems face a whole set of other challenges. Patient pain points include lack of personalised care and long waiting queues at hospitals. One of the main pain points though is the rising healthcare costs. The US healthcare system is infamous for its high fees. 

This problem is compounded when you think of families with the elderly in private care hospitals. The industry doesn't have a lot of players, which is worse for patients. Competition can cut costs, foster innovation, and improve quality. Moreover, competition is healthy because it gives patients more choices. A private healthcare research institution was looking to make a report on current challenges in Florida’s healthcare. Specifically, they wanted to know how families with the elderly in private hospitals feel about the quality of service. Additionally, they wanted to know what are the best practices focused on elderly people, as per families. 

Our Approach

We conducted an industry survey with 150 households across the state of Florida. Our geolocation approach enabled us to hone in on families with elderly in private healthcare. The industry survey was conducted within a week. Using a qualitative approach, we gathered family sentiment on what improvements could be made in private hospitals. We used phone and online methods to conduct the industry survey. Thanks to our dedicated team of project managers we got high volume and high-quality data quickly.


Through our industry survey, the research company was able to publish a recommendation for private hospitals in Florida. They also prepared a manual for best practices for private hospitals, based on our industry survey. We were able to add value to their research using the industry survey that we conducted.

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