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The role of healthcare survey companies in market research

Learn all about healthcare survey companies and their role in market research

Dec 13, 2022


The healthcare industry is one of the most important sectors in the UK. It is estimated that public healthcare spending is around 9.9% percent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) (as of 2021). As such, it is vital for companies to be able to keep track of market trends within this sector. In addition, they should be able to provide effective feedback on new products or services that pharmaceutical companies develop. One way that companies can do this is through healthcare survey companies.

Understanding what makes up healthcare survey companies 

When you're looking at healthcare survey companies, it can be helpful to understand what they are made up of. A healthcare survey company is a business that conducts market research in the field of healthcare. This can include surveys or focus groups. However, it might also include any number of other research methods as well, such as interviews and observational studies.

A healthcare survey company will typically work with clients who are either trying to collect information about their own products and services or who want to use this data for marketing purposes. The role of these businesses is to provide accurate answers about customer needs and behaviours so that their clients can make better decisions regarding their own operations.

They gather data by conducting questionnaires with people that companies recruit as participants. These participants may be employees of the client company or they may be members of the general public that the company chose because they represent some segment (age group, gender). Choosing a segment is important for understanding how people perceive a given product or service category in general terms.

Healthcare survey companies usually analyse data using various statistical techniques. They present this data in a report which can be used to inform future decisions. In some cases, the company can also use this data to create promotional material or advertising campaigns designed to promote products or services.

What to do before you start looking for healthcare survey companies

Before you start looking for a survey company, you need to determine the purpose of your survey. This will help you determine the target audience. Once you’ve done that, it will be easier to decide on a budget and time frame.

Then, once all these decisions have been made, it is time to consider what questions will be asked in the survey itself. The format should also be determined at this point.

Surveys come in many different formats and companies can administer them by phone, mail, or the internet. The survey design process should be approached with a clear understanding of how you want people to respond. In addition, consider what information you want to gather from them.

Types of healthcare surveys used in market research

Companies use healthcare surveys for a variety of healthcare marketing and research purposes. The most common are:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Patient satisfaction, engagement, and experience surveys

Although all these types of healthcare surveys have similar goals, they each have their own unique focus. For example, a customer satisfaction survey might ask customers to rate the overall quality of a product or service like an in-hospital stay. On the other hand, a patient experience and engagement survey asks patients how attentive staff members were during their stay.

A patient satisfaction survey is a type of survey that measures patient satisfaction with a particular healthcare provider. Companies can also use it to measure the effectiveness of new treatments, products, or services.

A healthcare provider can also use it to gather information about the overall quality of their services. In addition, it can also help improve those services by identifying areas that need improvement. For example, if patients rate their experience as poor and say they were not treated with respect by staff members during an in-hospital stay, administrators would know they need to address this issue.

Healthcare survey companies can help improve market research

Healthcare marketers can improve survey results by working with a reputable healthcare survey company. These professionals have a lot of experience in designing and analysing surveys. They can also help clients interpret the data they collect. A healthcare marketing research company can help you:

  • Develop a better survey that will be more effective at collecting the information you need.
  • Streamline your data collection process so it's easier for respondents to participate, reducing dropout rates and increasing response rates.
  • Improve the questions. If there are any problems with confusing or misleading questions, this is one area where an expert would be able to catch them before they cause too many problems in the analysis or interpretation of results.
  • Analyse all responses received from market research surveys conducted through multiple channels.

Healthcare survey companies can help design a better survey

Let's look at what a well-designed survey is. 

A well-constructed survey will be clear and concise, with a logical flow. Healthcare survey companies present questions in an order that helps the respondent answer each question without confusion. A good test of a survey is whether you can understand what the researchers are trying to find out when you read through it yourself.

The right data is also important. A survey can’t ask questions that don’t provide useful information or are too broad (e.g., “How satisfied were you with your doctor visit?”). If you want to know how long people waited to get to see their doctor, it would be better not just to ask them if they were satisfied but also what time they arrived and how long they had been waiting before their physician saw them.

The language used in the survey is also important, as it can affect how people respond. For example, asking someone if they “like” or “love” their doctor may not provide useful information. This is because there are so many different ways to define these terms. It would be better to ask them how well they feel their physician listened to them during their last visit. In addition, you can also ask whether they felt that the doctor provided an adequate explanation of symptoms or treatment options.

Why do organisations hire healthcare survey companies?

Healthcare companies can use market research firms in a variety of ways. They can help you understand your customers, your competitors, and the market for your products or services. Market research firms can help healthcare companies to:

  • Know their customers by getting feedback from them on all aspects of their experience with your organisation. Feedback can be about how they found out about you, what motivated them to visit or contact you, what worked well during the interaction with your organisation (or didn't), which issues were most important and which were not so important to them etc.;
  • Understand their competitors' strengths and weaknesses relative to yours. This is so that they can better position themselves in relation to their rivals' offerings;
  • Survey the market for your products or services by identifying consumer needs, preferences, and behaviours that are relevant to your offerings;
  • Assess the performance of existing products or services as compared to competitors' offerings in order to determine how they need to be improved, redesigned, or repositioned;
  • Identify opportunities for new products or services based on consumer trends and emerging needs.

Healthcare survey companies can provide feedback on your survey

For healthcare marketing research experts, the feedback they receive from surveys is invaluable. Companies can use this feedback to improve future surveys and make them more effective and useful to patients, doctors, and nurses. If you’re interested in improving the quality of your survey results, you may want to hire a healthcare survey company.

A good healthcare survey company will give you unbiased answers to the questions you want to ask about your product or service's market. It can also tell you how the product succeeds in that market.

You need a healthcare survey company that understands your industry and market research needs. If you've never done any kind of market research before, starting with a small-scale project is the best way to get an understanding of what type of data collection methods work best for you.

Healthcare survey companies help doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in a wide range of areas

They provide tools to help them find clients, assist with the collection of patient feedback, and more.

Some examples include:

  • Surveys for medical practices. They can help physicians find new patients by advertising their services through online surveys and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This helps increase the number of people who have heard about your practice so that you can provide them with better care when they visit your office.
  • Patient satisfaction surveys. They can allow patients to give feedback on their experiences at hospitals or clinics so that improvements can be made where needed.

This data can also be used to determine how the practice is performing in comparison with other facilities in the area.

  • Patient education. They can help patients understand their conditions and treatment plans by participating in research studies.
  • Finding clients. Many healthcare survey companies are able to help you find patients who fit your practice's needs. By having access to an existing database of information about individuals (including their demographics and health habits), these companies can provide you with leads that may not have been accessible otherwise.
  • Collecting feedback from patients themselves.

They can even provide tools to find new patients

Healthcare survey companies provide tools to help healthcare professionals find new patients. They can help doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers find new clients by providing them with surveys that their patients may be interested in taking. By providing these surveys to their clientele, they are giving them the opportunity to meet more people and potentially gain new business.

This is a win-win for both sides. Healthcare survey companies are able to provide their clients with the tools they need to reach out and get new customers. At the same time, healthcare professionals are able to access those same tools and meet new people who may be interested in their services.

They assist with the collection of patient feedback

Patient feedback is a key part of the healthcare market research process. Healthcare survey companies collect this information in many ways, including surveys, focus groups, and interviews. Patient satisfaction surveys are a way to collect patient feedback quickly and efficiently.

One of the main reasons why healthcare survey companies exist is to assist with the collection of patient feedback. Patient feedback is important for healthcare professionals to learn about their patients' experiences, which can help them improve the services they provide.

It can also be used to help understand what patients are looking for in a healthcare provider. For example, if you operate an urgent care centre that sees a large number of young adults as well as children and seniors, you may want to know how satisfied each group was with your service before you make any changes or additions to your practice.

Finally, patient satisfaction surveys can be used by hospitals in order to determine whether the providers are meeting certain standards regarding their patients' experience during treatment or admission into the hospital.

They can even help secure funding for new technologies and medications

The role of healthcare survey companies in market research goes beyond just gathering data. They can also help secure funding for new technologies and medications. If a company is looking to test a new drug, for example, it may be able to run a survey with the assistance of a survey company. This is where the organisation pays participants for their time and asks for opinions on the new drug. Pharmaceutical companies then use these survey results to determine whether or not their products should move forward into full production or be scrapped entirely.

They also aid in the marketing process by sending emails, making phone calls, and collecting data about customer preferences. Companies can then use this data for targeted advertising campaigns.

Survey companies help healthcare professionals connect with their patients 

The information that a survey company gathers will help you understand what your patients want, allowing you to create better customer experiences. Surveys help healthcare professionals provide better care. They allow you to find out what your patient’s experience was like, and what they liked or disliked about it. Survey results can also give you insight into how to improve patient satisfaction scores.


Healthcare survey companies have a vital role in market research. They help organisations collect information on the healthcare sector and its stakeholders. The data they provide can be used to inform decisions about future projects. One such decision could be how to improve services or develop new products. If you’re looking for further reading, check out ‘How do paid surveys for healthcare professionals work’.

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