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Why paid healthcare surveys are a popular side gig for doctors

An industry-focused piece on the reasons why paid healthcare surveys are beneficial for healthcare workers

Sep 14, 2022

What are paid healthcare surveys and who can do them

Paid healthcare surveys are simply surveys that healthcare workers can complete to get monetised. Many healthcare institutions such as government bodies, private research institutions, or even consulting firms conduct surveys in the healthcare industry. These surveys help them understand the pain points of healthcare workers, the state of the healthcare system, and much more. Healthcare is one industry where surveys are very versatile. For instance, you could have paid healthcare surveys for patients, for suppliers in healthcare, etc. 

Additionally, paid healthcare surveys are a win-win situation for both healthcare workers and the parties that conduct them. They are a smart way to earn some extra money for doctors, nurses, or other employees. On the other hand, they are a relatively quick way for companies to gather information about the industry. Therefore, when completing a paid healthcare survey you are not only earning extra income but also contributing to the growth of healthcare. 

Any employee working in healthcare can complete paid surveys based on their profile. Many platforms that serve as survey panels allow professionals to complete paid surveys. Professionals in healthcare can sign up for surveys on the platform and receive tasks based on their profiles. The panel then verifies the information that the employees' input to conduct an identity check. If the information is verified, they can complete surveys and get paid to simply share their knowledge. If you’re a healthcare worker and are interested to see how this works, you can read our "How It Works" page to know how paid healthcare surveys work. 

Concerned about data privacy? Don’t be. At GrapeData, we prioritise our contributors’ data safety and integrity. Our team members and contributors alike know the value of using data securely. If you’d like to request our compliance manual, you can request it here

Paid healthcare surveys: A popular way to make side income 

Now that you know more about how paid healthcare surveys work, let’s take a look at what’s in it for you. There’s more to paid healthcare surveys than just earning money. 

  1. You get to earn by sharing what you’re passionate about

One of the advantages of completing paid healthcare surveys is to share the knowledge that you have. As a healthcare professional, your insights have tremendous value for the growth of the industry. Additionally, you can get to complete these surveys while getting monetised. 

  1. You can learn from others in your community

Paid healthcare surveys can sometimes give you an opportunity to meet other healthcare professionals. For example, if you are part of a group interview for a survey project, it’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded professionals. 

  1. Learn from and contribute to the survey project itself 

Being part of a research project, especially one that is focused on healthcare, can be a rewarding experience. This is because paid healthcare surveys focus on improving healthcare conditions or instituting health reform. The data gathered from a paid healthcare survey is used to generate insights on what can be improved in overall healthcare. Whether it’s knowing sentiment on private care homes or the best medical equipment for surgery, every project plays a role. 

How much can you earn from a paid healthcare survey? 

Each paid healthcare survey has unique requirements and therefore has a different reward attached to it. The reward also depends on the time taken to complete the survey and the company that runs it. Moreover, certain data collection panels can allow you to complete multiple surveys. At GrapeData, you can complete follow-up calls if you are looking to earn some more money. 

Typically, pricing per survey varies and you shouldn’t rely on the survey as your only source of income. One advantage is that shorter surveys (10-15 minutes) to complete can be done while you are at work!

Where to find paid healthcare surveys? 

Usually, paid healthcare surveys can be found anywhere online. However, here are some tips to look out for when completing paid healthcare surveys:

  1. Find paid healthcare survey platforms smartly: If the company is an established survey provider, it will usually have a proven track record. Checking the company’s landing page or even asking on online forums can be helpful to avoid scams. 
  2. Read the information available on the survey’s tasks and payment terms: A paid healthcare survey provider will usually be transparent in their practices. If you find information that doesn’t look right it’s a good idea to stay away. 
  3. Read up on the survey provider’s compliance mechanisms: It’s always wise to know how your data can be shared and used.
  4. Check the paid healthcare survey requirements: Survey providers usually send out platforms that are specific to certain profiles. These profiles could be based on the kind of work you do in healthcare, years of experience, etc. If your profile matches the requirements you can go ahead and complete the survey. 

Tip: A survey provider will also tell you if you are the right fit for the survey project. 

Paid Healthcare Surveys: A use-case

We recently partnered with a private care hospital in Florida to gather sentiment from families who have the elderly in private care. Our client wanted to know the main pain points of these families so that they could develop a report on the challenges that they face. Their feedback was used to improve processes and enhance the experience for the elderly in private care. For more information, have a look at the case study: private care hospitals in Florida

To sum up, paid healthcare surveys are a way to share your insights and get paid to do so. These surveys are not only time efficient and they also give you a chance to contribute to the progress of your field. Several survey providers or data collection panels conduct paid healthcare surveys. However, it’s always a good idea to look into the provider before signing up for their platform. 

GrapeData recognises and values the importance of your contributions to our projects. This is why we aim to provide you with the best user experience on our platform of 300k contributors. If you’d like to sign up and receive personalised survey tasks use this link to complete paid healthcare surveys!