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5 tips on how to choose an online B2B healthcare market research panel

5 suggestions on choosing an online B2B healthcare market research panel

Nov 6, 2022
B2B market research


Choosing the right online b2b healthcare market research panel for your market research is an essential step in the process. The right panel can deliver high-quality data for your project. However, you should also consider how easy it will be to use and how much flexibility it offers. Here are five tips to help you choose from an array of panels and get started on your project.

1. Choose an online B2B healthcare market research panel that provides global coverage 

  • To find the right panel provider, look for a company that can supply you with the right respondents. and supports you throughout your research. The ideal provider should have a global reach and experience working with the healthcare industry. Additionally, the online b2b healthcare market research panel should have a good reputation.
  • An online b2b healthcare market research panel should be able to get high-quality answers from a wide variety of survey respondents. For instance, at GrapeData we specialise in conducting online b2b healthcare surveys from over 100 countries. Our pool of 300k+ respondents ensures that you only get the best data for your research project. For more information on B2B healthcare market research panels, please contact us. We are happy to help you get started. Our team of experts has over 5 years of experience in the field and will be happy to assist you.

2. Select Healthcare Industry Experts for your project 

Experts are people who have worked in the healthcare industry for a long time. They're able to provide valuable insight into the industry and help you find the right questions to ask. Experts also can identify trends in an industry. This in turn can help you make better decisions about how to market your product or service in that market.

If you're looking for an expert panel, look for one that has experts who have worked at different companies across multiple industries within healthcare. This will give you access to more information than just one person could provide on their own. This is because they will have seen several different sides of the industry. For instance, if they have used pharmaceuticals vs medical devices, they can give opinions on both aspects.

3. Choose a panel with multiple country coverage

You should choose an online panel that offers access to a large number of countries. The more countries it covers, the more research opportunities you will have. For example, if your product or service is only used by patients in the United States, then you’ll want to use an online panel with specialised access to the U.S. market. 

However, if your product or service can be used by patients all over the world, then consider using a panel with access to many countries. This is so that you can compare results across multiple markets and regions at once. This will help you better understand how patients in different cultures view your products or services. On the other hand,  you may also want to choose an online panel that offers access to a large number of countries. The more countries it covers, the more research opportunities you will have.

4. Opt for flexibility in Survey Design

The flexibility to design surveys according to your needs is another important feature. You can ask different questions to different panellists, or you can ask the same question but at different times (e.g., once at the beginning of a study and again after a few weeks). If you have several hypotheses about what might be going on in your market, this level of flexibility allows you to test them all. The ability to conduct longitudinal studies (studies over time) is also key so that you can see changes in opinion over time as new events happen or trends develop.

If you have a survey with 10 questions and 500 respondents, the data will be cleaned up for you in about a week. The raw data is then run through statistical software to ensure that there are no inconsistencies or outliers (e.g., one respondent answered all 10 questions differently than everyone else). Next, the data is weighted so that it reflects the demographics of your target market. The results are then ready to be analysed using whatever statistical methodologies make sense for your study (e.g., regression or correlation analysis). For more information on statistical analysis, check out this post

5. Look for Security/Confidentiality in the online B2B healthcare market research panel

In this section, we will discuss the importance of security and confidentiality to a potential panellist.

  • Confidentiality is very important for B2B healthcare market research panels. It ensures that no sensitive data or information about you or your company can be accessed by anyone else. Therefore, when choosing a panel to participate in you should look for one that has a strict policy regarding data security and protection.
  • If possible, make sure that the panel provider is ISO 27001 certified (ISO 27001:2013). This accreditation is an international standard used by many businesses across the globe to determine how well they are protecting themselves against cyber threats. It also determines how well they respond when these attacks occur as well as if they have clear processes in place so customers know exactly what happens when something goes wrong within their business model. 

The ISO 27001 standard ensures that any company that claims that they are certified is doing everything in its power to protect the information of customers and clients. If you are looking for a panel provider that has this accreditation, then you will know that they have a strict policy regarding data protection and privacy.

Look for a provider who can supply you with the right panellists and support you throughout your research

You should look for a provider who can supply you with the right panellists and support you throughout your research.

The right panellist is someone who has a clear understanding of their business, industry, and the challenges they face. When you are interviewing them, it's important to ask open questions that allow them to talk freely about their experiences. You should also be careful not to lead them in any way so they don't feel pressured or get upset while they are talking with you. Additionally, you might feel like they have "answered" your question too quickly. The best way to ensure that this doesn't happen is by preparing beforehand before meeting with each individual participant. This will ensure all relevant topics of discussion come up during interviews, making sure nothing gets missed out.

When it comes down to it though there are two main things we would recommend when choosing an online B2B healthcare market research panel:-

1) Look for someone who offers access only through secure portals that protect the respondent's privacy and security.

2) Make sure these companies have global coverage and offer flexibility for your survey design.


On the flip side, paid healthcare surveys offer many benefits to doctors and other healthcare professionals. If you'd like to learn more about why they are more popular today, check out our recent blog post. The post titled 'Why paid healthcare surveys are a popular side gig for doctors' takes a deep dive into this topic. With a panel of the right healthcare market research participants and access to their data, you can conduct your research with confidence. The five tips listed above will help you choose an online B2B healthcare market research panel that fits your needs and budget.