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An education institution uses B2C market research to improve hybrid learning

Education: A premiere education institution uses B2C market research to shape future of hybrid learning

Jul 5, 2022
B2C market research

The Problem Statement 

When the pandemic started, we saw a lot of schools and colleges shifting to online learning because in person teaching was not an option. But, interestingly, a lot of education institutions adopted hybrid learning models even after the pandemic slowed down. Today, the majority of schools and colleges offer the option to go to school or attend from the comfort of your own home. Teacher sentiment is also in favour of hybrid learning. Owl Labs reports that 94% of teachers are in favour of hybrid learning if they are provided with adequate teaching resources and support from their institution. But how effective is hybrid learning? This is the question that our education provider was faced with. Due to the sheer number and branches of schools and colleges they had, they chose to partner with us to leverage our AI and geolocation based B2C market research.

Our Approach

We used majorly qualitative B2C market research methods to develop actionable statistics. We began with phone interviews and moved on to surveys later on in the fieldwork. We used B2C market research surveys to validate our findings from the interviews we held. Questions ranged from thoughts on the return to school post the pandemic, how well the students connected online, what challenges they faced etc. From beginning to end, the whole project took 2 weeks to conduct all fieldwork and research.

The Results

The survey provided detailed feedback on student preferences. Our research helped our client get valuable insights about how students are using online learning platforms and what their pain points are. Ultimately, our data enabled them to provide students with innovative and better routes toward a hybrid learning experience.

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