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Case studies
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Educational software for engagement tracking

Case study on educational software for engagement tracking

Jun 3, 2022
B2B market research

The Problem Statement

There are a lot of benefits of using educational software in schools such as increased engagement and learning. It can also lead to students being more curious and goal oriented. 

According to Statista, this market comprises of language learning applications like Duolingo, and classroom management software like Blackboard. But there’s a whole host of options when it comes to choosing a software vendor.  Popular EdTech companies include CourSera, Guild Education, Dreambox Learning and Civitas Learning. An educational institution was faced with this problem and came to us to get a comparison of vendors. 

Our Approach

We surveyed a sample of hundred respondents across the U.S. We conducted this fieldwork across the span of 7 days. The target audience was educational service providers, educational data analysts, and educational computer scientists. The methodology to survey was a mix of direct respondents and phone interviews.


Our client got a comprehensive view of the different vendor options, including a cost benefit analysis on the different providers.They looked at the product specifications, acquisition and maintenance costs, service provider’s reputation and product features through our survey data. Through this process, they were able to make an informed decision about the software vendor.

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