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How to find B2B respondents for a NY B2B survey

A guide on how to find B2B respondents for a NY B2B survey

Nov 12, 2022
B2B market research


Finding b2b respondents for your NY B2B survey can be challenging. But with a little effort and research, it's not impossible. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your current customer base when looking for new b2b respondents.

Think about who your target audience is

To start, you need to determine who your target audience is.

  • Age and gender
  • Level of education
  • Income
  • Profession and industry (if applicable)

You should also think about where they live (their geography) and what kind of lifestyle they lead. This will help you to understand their values and what they care about. You should also think about how your product or service can improve their lives. Once you understand your audience, it’s time to create personas.

Personas are fictional people who represent your target market. Additionally, you can give them names, ages, genders, professions, and pass other details about their lives. This will help you to keep in mind who your customers are when making decisions about your product or service. B2B buyers are especially a tricky audience to navigate. A recent study based on online purchases of 380 B2B buyers revealed that these buyers are especially motivated by social purpose. The study also revealed that women are likely to make up the majority of B2B buyers in the next decade. Read more about the study here

Make the most of your current customer or client base

You can also ask your current client base to refer to other businesses. The first thing to look for is how many customers there are overall. Then, consider how many businesses fit into each category and how many people are looking for these specific services in the area. This is a great way to get referrals because they're already familiar with you and your company. They may also be more inclined to help you out, especially if they've had good experiences working with you in the past. In this way, your current customer or client base can also become b2b survey respondents. 

Make sure that everyone who participates in the survey is aware of how much time it takes. This is so they don't feel overwhelmed by the task at hand. Asking for referrals from current clients can be tricky if you're not sure how many people will actually respond to your request. But if all goes well, it could still prove fruitful in increasing participation and getting even more surveys completed.

Once you've got a good number of surveys completed, it's time to start analysing the data. You can then determine what the results of your survey project are. 

Ask for referrals

The best way to get a high-quality list of b2b respondents is to ask your current customers or clients for referrals. This will be your most effective method, as you already have a relationship with these individuals. In addition, they're more likely to be willing to participate in the survey if it means bringing a friend over the finish line.

You can start by making sure you have a strong referral program in place that rewards people who refer others on their behalf. You can also offer an incentive for those who complete the survey once they've been referred by someone else, such as offering them a coupon code or discount on their next survey. This will encourage them not only to take part in the survey but also to share it with others.

One thing we recommend doing is making sure that any advertisements you run online clearly state what kind of information needs collecting. This is so that potential respondents understand why they should fill out questions about themselves and their companies before signing up (this helps minimise dropout rates).

When you're ready to launch your survey, we recommend using Facebook ads to promote it. You can create a custom audience based on those who have visited your website but haven't yet filled out the form (this way they'll see the ad while they're still thinking about it). If you don't want to use Facebook ads, you can also post links on social media or send out an email blast.

Have a clear presence online

Having a clear online presence can help boost response rates for your NY B2B survey. Keep in mind the following points, in order to establish a good online presence:

  • You'll need a website or at least a social media presence.
  • Your call to action should be clear and easy to find.
  • Make sure your site is easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and SEO optimised.

The best way to capture email addresses is through a free giveaway. This is where you offer something of value, for instance, an e-book, video series, or webinar. You can also ask people to give their email addresses in exchange for it. When someone signs up for your giveaway, they’re also added to your list so that you can send them more information about your business and products.

Outsource to professional market research firms

Those firms have access to an in-house panel of vetted survey respondents, with a variety of industries and business sizes represented. To effectively find b2b respondents for your NY b2b survey,  you can outsource to a professional market research panel. This will help you ensure that you are getting responses from people who truly represent your target audience.

If you choose a good market research firm and work with them long enough, they should be able to help you build up a diverse and large enough panel. When there is an opening for someone who qualifies for your study, they can send an invitation out immediately so that the respondent does not miss out on participating in the study.

If you are not sure how to go about selecting a good market research firm, here's one question to ask:

Are they a member of the American Marketing Association?

The AMA is an association for professionals in the field of marketing and related disciplines. If they are not a member of the AMA then this is probably not the market research firm for you. Additionally, you can ask them about previous projects that they ran and ask for testimonials. 

There are plenty of ways to find B2b respondents for a survey, you just have to know where to look

One of the most important parts of creating a successful b2b survey is finding the right respondents. If you don't have enough people filling out your survey, it won't be very useful. Finding b2b respondents for a survey can be difficult if you don't know where to look, but there are a few things that will help make sure you're doing everything correctly! You need to make sure:

  • You're asking the right questions
  • It's easy for people to fill out
  • The audience you're targeting is right (not too broad or narrow)
  • The type of information that you want isn't missing


There are many ways to find b2b respondents for your NY b2b survey. You can use your current customer base, ask them for referrals or get referrals from professional market research firms. The most important thing is that you set clear objectives. Additionally, you should know who exactly it is that you want to talk to so that you can make sure they are the right person when it comes down to conducting the interview process.

We hope this post has been helpful if you were interested in finding b2b survey respondents. For a guide on a NY b2b survey provider, check out our blog post here