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Case studies
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Mid-size mobile phone company

How GrapeData increased market share for a mid-size mobile phone company

Jul 19, 2022
B2B market research

The Problem Statement 

The mobile phone industry is a highly competitive space within the Information, Communications and Technology Industry. Additionally, the smartphone nowadays is as essential as air or water. Constant new product launches at affordable prices has made this industry extremely dynamic. However, market shares are highly skewed in favour of a few large players. A mid sized smartphone company wanted increased market share but was at a loss on how to do so. They would need B2B market research conducted in seven countries that they operated in. Not only that, they would need a specific type of B2B market research which are competitor intelligence surveys. 

Competitive intelligence is a form of B2B market research that collects data to understand your competitors and the competitive landscape in general. This includes details about products/services, customers, competitors etc,. Additionally, it contains questions like ‘do you recognise this brand?’ or ‘would you prefer X brand over Y brand?’.

Our Approach

Through a comprehensive analysis on the company and its product portfolio, we devised a strategy for the B2B market research. With over 300k contributors on our platform, we were sure to find smartphone users to collect their opinions also. Over the span of a week we conducted a mix of in-person and phone interviews in 7 countries. Using an integrated competitive intelligence research template, we synthesised a report.

The Results

The information we provided gave our client a roadmap on how best to increase their market share. They were able to develop a step by step actionable guide based on the insights gathered. It opened the way forward for them to connect better with customers. The data also helped them convince investors for funding. Additionally, the data helped them justify resource allocation into labour, overheads etc.

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