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Case studies
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New marketing Strategy for a Swedish milk company

FMCG: How a Swedish milk company revamped its marketing strategy through GrapeData

Jun 28, 2022
B2C market research

The Problem

Today’s marketing is all about creating and communicating the value of your brand to potential customers. Marketing messages shape the image of the brand in the consumer’s mind. They can be the basis of whether a consumer buys your product for the first time and whether they stay loyal to your brand. Marketing mistakes can essentially make or break a brand. So when a Swedish based milk company was faced with the consequences of a bad marketing decision, they turned to us to revamp their brand image.

Our Approach

The nature of our research was largely qualitative in nature. Basing the client’s existing customer base as our target respondents, GrapeData used a mix of phone interviews and online surveys to uncover consumer perceptions, notions and opinions of the Swedish brand. In particular, we made sure to include questions around the failed marketing campaign and asked respondents what they would have done differently were they the CEO of the brand. We conducted the fieldwork over the span of a week.


With our qualitative insights, the client was able to get a hold of current consumer perceptions. Using these in the ground insights, they were able to formulate a strategy to reposition the brand based on some of the ferrets that consumers loved the most about them. Thus, they were able to come of the negative publicity that they gathered due to previous marketing actions and revamp their image over time.

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