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Case studies
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Private schools in Belgium

GrapeData partnered with a consulting firm to gather parent sentiment on private schools in Belgium

Aug 2, 2022
B2C market research

The Problem Statement

The Belgium private school space is plagued by many issues. Central themes include overcrowding, high operational costs, and competition from the public sector. The pandemic has magnified these problems tenfold. Nowadays, schools everywhere are struggling with the issue of delivering education in a pandemic. Belgium’s education industry is no exception. 

Not only do all these issues affect children, but they affect parents too. Parents are faced with the problem of which school to send their children to. Additionally, they want the best education for their child. So, naturally, they are affected by these hurdles in their child’s learning. A consulting company wanted to understand parent sentiment on private schools in Belgium. They wanted to use the data obtained to empower change in private school education.

Our Approach

We took a quantitative approach for this project. Ready with over 300k contributors on our platform, we surveyed over 500 respondents in Belgium.  A quantitative approach would be best for a panel provider as it gives deep insights into sentiment. One can gage the parent’s pain points and what they would like to change in the system.  But, we were a little different in our approach than other panel providers. We custom targeted only the profiles that our client wanted using the best technology. With a combination of AI and geolocation checks, we as a panel provider delivered the best results. Not only were we able to optimise quality, but we also gave quick results in just 7 days.


With our results and data, the consulting company moved forward with its project. They presented their findings at an independent conference on private education held in Belgium. With us as their panel provider, they got granular data on parent sentiment in Belgium.

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