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Market Trends
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The role of mobile B2C market research companies in 2022

Everything you need to know about mobile B2C market research in 2022

Oct 16, 2022
B2C market research


Mobile market research is on the rise and will continue to grow in popularity as mobile devices become more popular. Mobile market research companies need to leverage their ability to conduct customer surveys and gather customer data through mobile applications. Essentially,  mobile b2c market research companies are ones that collect and analyse data for the purpose of a survey project. This trend will continue into 2023 and beyond because of the ease and flexibility of answering surveys through mobile phones.

A description of mobile B2C market research companies 

Mobile market research is a growing field. Mobile market research appears to be here to stay, and companies that understand this will have a competitive advantage. Technology is changing rapidly, which means that those who are in the know will be able to adapt their services accordingly. This trend will continue into 2023 and beyond due to the advent of emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, and Geolocation data

Mobile market research involves conducting surveys via smartphones or other mobile devices. This gives researchers access to large groups of people who would not normally respond if they were asked directly by telephone or via email. The ability of respondents to answer questions on demand makes it possible for them to answer many more questions than if they had been contacted at random times. This allows researchers greater insight into consumer behaviour than before without incurring prohibitive costs associated with making such calls individually.

Mobile B2C market research is a growing field

Mobile B2C market research is a growing field, with the number of mobile users increasing every year. Several other factors also contribute to this growth. The number of apps, mobile devices, and transactions through these devices has increased over the years, which means there's more potential for marketing data collection via those platforms. Thus, mobile b2c market research companies will have opportunities to capitalise on this trend. 

Market research companies will focus on mobile more in the future

Mobile market research will be the most important area for research in the future. With more and more people using mobile devices to access the internet, it is easier for companies to collect information from these customers.

Companies that are not yet collecting data via mobile may not be able to keep up with their competitors if they do not adapt their methods of collecting consumer insights. The best way to do this is by hiring a mobile market research firm. Alternatively, you could hire an agency that specialises in collecting data through smartphones and tablets.

With more emphasis being placed on digital marketing, many companies are now relying heavily on digital advertising campaigns rather than traditional methods. This has created an opportunity for companies that specialise in collecting customer feedback through apps or websites because they are able to capture valuable information related specifically to products being advertised online instead of in traditional retail stores. 

Mobile data privacy is one of the primary concerns for mobile market researchers

The primary concern for mobile market researchers is to collect data on a user’s mobile device. This is a challenge owing to the fact that users can use their devices in many different ways, each of which presents its own unique set of challenges. Mobile data collection is still a growing field and new technologies are being developed every day that make collecting data easier, more accurate, and more effective.

We can expect more open-ended questions in mobile surveys

Open-ended questions are more flexible than closed-ended questions. This makes them ideal for gathering qualitative data, which can be used to gain in-depth insights about your user base. These types of responses also yield more natural language and a greater number of words per response. As such, open-ended questions are good for getting detailed information from customers about their experiences with your product or service.

Mobile b2c market research companies can focus on attracting and retaining mobile users

One of the things that mobile b2c market research companies can do is focus on attracting more users for research purposes. For instance, in the US alone, as of August 2022, 53% of total web visits come from mobile, as compared to 46.26% coming from desktops. They're also more likely to be active in the community, meaning they're great at spreading brand awareness through word-of-mouth marketing. Plus, mobile users are more likely than desktop users to share their opinions about brands online through product reviews and ratings. 

More use of geolocation in market research

As technology continues to advance, consumers' adoption of new technologies will also increase. This means that companies need to be prepared for the significant changes that are coming in 2022. It is inevitable that mobile devices will continue to be used more frequently for both personal and professional purposes. These devices are also becoming increasingly powerful. This means that they can help you gather real-time data about your customers or prospects. The importance of geolocation services can't be overstated when it comes to market research because this technology allows businesses to understand their customers better and react accordingly.

Market researchers need to think about new types of questions to ask

Market researchers should start thinking about how to ask questions that are more open-ended and require a longer answer, rather than just yes or no. Using rating scales is a good way to get people to express their preferences in more detail. For example, instead of asking customers if they like something or not (like on Amazon, where you can give products one star), you could instead ask them to rate the quality of your product out of 10. This will allow you to learn not only what customers think but also which aspects of your product they like best and least. Through this process, you can think about further product improvements. 

It’s also important for marketers to understand what mobile users expect from their apps and websites before designing new features into their systems: for example, does the user want quick access through buttons at the top level? Or does he want deeper levels of navigation with dropdown menus? A UX design company can help answer these kinds of questions by using user testing techniques such as interviews or surveys with users who have used similar products before.

The use of big data in mobile b2c market research companies 

Big data is a big opportunity for mobile market research companies and agencies. More than ever, marketers need to understand the behaviour, preferences, and motivations of their customers in order to provide better customer experiences. Mobile devices are powerful tools for capturing this kind of data about people's lives—they are always with us and capture our every move in detail. In addition to providing insights that were previously unavailable from traditional research methods (such as surveys), big data can also help you make your survey design more effective by taking into account the behavioural patterns you observe through other sources such as mobile apps or loyalty programs.

Businesses have a lot of opportunities to leverage mobile B2C market research companies

If you are interested in the mobile B2C market research field, there are a lot of opportunities to be explored and exploited. Mobile data collection is the primary concern for mobile market researchers and companies that want to collect data from their customers.

They need to focus on attracting and retaining mobile users who will provide them with valuable information about products, services, or businesses. In addition, they have many other aspects that can be improved with this technology such as designing surveys more efficiently or improving their own understanding of customer behaviour by asking more open-ended questions instead of multiple-choice ones.


We can expect the mobile market research industry to grow in the coming years, especially as more people become comfortable using their phones for this purpose. Companies can focus on attracting and retaining mobile users. However, this will require them to invest in new types of campaigns and platforms (such as location-based). The more open-ended questions that you ask people through their mobile devices will also help companies learn more about what they really think about products or services. Similarly, using big data analytics tools like artificial intelligence algorithms could help identify patterns and trends within customer data sets without needing human intervention. If you'd like to learn more about mobile b2c market research companies, drop us a line here.